Jacques Vesery    Damariscotta, Maine, USA

"Hatched From My Dreams"

2007   2" x 1" D  each      african blackwood, acrylic

"Raising An American Dream"

2006    2" x 16"

carved/textured swiss pear, holly, three carved/ textured eggs 1.8" x 1.4", swiss pear, ash, acrylic

private collection

Many dream of being part of "The Big Game", nurtured by history, our fathers, the souvenirs, and the bleachers...Life itself is a sport, a pastime, a game where we are coached on from the start. How we play shapes who we are and what we become... In the contest of life, we can play the field, take part in the game and reach our dreams without ever wearing the hat or jersey.

J. Vesery  2006 from the Step to the Plate Exhibit at the Loiusville Slugger Museum

"A Path Less Traveled to Nowhere"

2004-05     17.4” x 1.8”    swiss pear, cherry, holly, ebony, acrylic

collection of the American Association of Woodturners

"Smaller Expections"

2003     1” x 3.8” D     swiss pear, cherry, maple burl, acrylic

private collection

"Darknest Rising" 

2003     5.2" x  3.5" D     textured cherry, ebony

collection of Robyn and John Horn

collection of Ellen & Enrst Graabe

collection of  Mr. & Mrs. Elvie Jackson

private collection

© all rights reserved Jacques Vesery 2011

"Primary Feathers"

2002    4“ x 14“ x 3“    carved/ textured cherry, bird’s eye maple, acrylic

private collection

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"Identity Crisis"  

2001     5” x 3” x 3”    carved/ textured cherry, acrylic

collection of Dr. Minda Gold