"Unraveling and Seeing Red" 

2002   8.5" x 6" D 

maple, lancea burl, acrylic

collection of Barry Skobgaard

"Revasser et Clair de Lune"

Daydreams and Moonlight

2005   3" x 3.5" D  each 

cherry, ebony, peala, 22 kt gold leaf, oxidized silver leaf, acrylic

private collection

"On a Celadon Wing"  

2005     2.2 x 5 D      cherry, ebony, 23 kt gold leaf 

private collection 

"Above The Clouds And Dreaming" 

2003  3" x 4" D

cherry,  ebony, 23k gold leaf

private collection

Jacques Vesery    Damariscotta, Maine, USA

"Wheels in Time"


2005   8.5"  x 6.5" D 

carved / textured cherry with carved/ textured ebony rim, acrylic

Yale University Art Gallery & Museum

"Red Earth, New Sky"”

2000    7”x3”D   mahogany, amboyna burl, acrylic

corporate collection of Northwest Airlines

"Spirit of Collective Conscious"

1999    11”x 8” D   maple, ebony, acrylic

Detroit Institute of Art

continuous poem/ quote on band;

Wheels in time keep us turning- Seized by the past and tomorrow-Shifting to what we must borrow-

continuous poem/ quote on band;

a stone’s throw away from the sea is a place which is not as it seems

"Searching For the Mystic Winds"

2001     5” x 9” D     cherry, cherry burl, 22 kt gold leaf, acrylic

University of Michigan Museum of Art

"There is artistic, sculptural beauty in utility when form, proportions and function become one... only then can utility be both craft and art"     

J. Vesery   2007

"A Stone's Throw Away From The Sea"  

2004    5.5" x 3.5" D     cherry, blackwood burl, acrylic

collection of Dr. Minda Gold

© all rights reserved Jacques Vesery 2011

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" スープの為のための茶碗 "

A Rice Bowl for Soup's Sake

from a special exhibit “Japanese Bowls; A Western Perspective, Portland, OR 2007

bowl 3" x 5" D      spoonsticks made from one solid pc.  9.5" x 2" x .5"

carved/textured keyaki, cherry, amboyna, acrylic

collection of  the Yamanaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Osaka, Japan

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