NATIONAL  TREASURES; History in the Making

Jacques Vesery    Damariscotta, Maine, USA

© all rights reserved Jacques Vesery 2011

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"A Fascination  With Cherry Trees"

2010        7.25" x 4" D    

carved/ textured Mt. Vernon cherry,  Fredericksburg chestnut, ebony, acrylics

collection of David and Ruth Waterbury

My connection to George Washington has been strong since I was three or four years old. My first attempt at art was when I hacked holes in my Fathers' prize Japanese Red Maple and was taught to remember the story of Washington's experience with trees at such a young age. I attended George Washington Elementary  School and served four years on  the USS George Washington SSBN 598 in the Navy. Is this fate or by chance that my path would take this route?  I wonder where my next connection with such a great man will come from... Chance has nothing to do with what has become the fate of my own  history. 

pieces from the traveling exhibition  “National Treasures ; History in the Making”   

co-curators William E. Jewell  & Jacques Vesery                    

"National Treasures"
collaboration with Bonnie Klein - Washington

2008     8” x 5” D     carved/ textured historic woods, steel, acrylic
collection  of  Joey RichardsonAs_the_World_Turns-_Top.html

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